Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

At this time, we have so much to be thankful for...the Lord has been so gracious to us! I wanted to share an update with all of you regarding our project in Ethiopia, LIA. This letter was written by our Ethiopian Director, Endris. Please join us as we support this program in every way. You can send your donations written to "Arise Charities" at 11408 Shelbyville Rd. Louisville, KY 40243. 100% of your gift is used for this project through the management of Eyes that See. All gifts are tax deductable and very much appreciated.

19 November 2010
Weakly Report
Concerned Organization:- Love in Action
Date of the report:- 19 November 2010
Place of the Report:- Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
• We bought different materials to make the beauty salon training more comfortable and useful for its proposed. We did pipe installation for the pure water and a drainage line to remove the dirt water.
• We prepared the last room to make it good for one of the ladies is sleeping beside a street. Her name is Birtukan. Also, we have one student who lost all of her parents and living in a very dangerous situation. We are planning to use this room to give them for temporary shelter.
• This week we a voluntary psychologist and councilor joined us to teach gender issues and innocent life styles, treat and council the 10 women in our project. Because they are younger ladies and commercial sex workers, they need treatment and counseling in various issue.
• Everything is ready and the ladies have already started their training on beauty salon.
• We painted the tin fence with beautiful color. The outer part of compound is now looking better and attractive when any one see it. We will send you this picture next week.
• Our children have started Sunday school training on every Saturday by a voluntary teacher.
Regular activities were going on smoothly and all of our staff are were doing very well.

Our prayer request:
-We are thinking of visiting the house of our beneficiaries that helps us to know them more.
-Please pray for our women to be punctual in classes and not to miss days. Some of them are addicted.
-We want to make staff; teachers and voluntary workers get together. Please pray for our time.
-the kebele officers have sent us lists of children that are in desperate conditions, begging us to add them in the sponsorship programme. Please pray for these children and God’s leadership.
- Our staff Azeb will be getting married in 3 months time. She needs our prayer.

Finally, we want to thank you, for your love, support and prayers.

Endris Amedo

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